My Experience As A Ghostwriter

I worked as a ghostwriter for SwitftWrite for 6 months on a freelance-based contract via Upwork.

All deliverables were published under the name of the client. I’m not allowed to share revealing information about their business due to the nature of this contract.

However, I feel like I can reflect on the workflow and methodology I had with this job alongside a brief analysis of my work.

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How I Trained My Dog To Sit, Lay Down, and More

A dog can be the best addition to any household, period. It’s crucial to train our dear pooches and set boundaries to keep everyone happy. That way you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Lana is my lovely Poodle, and she is one year and seven months old. Since Lana arrived at my house as a puppy, she has shown her smart and defiant personality that prevails until today.

I did some training with her during the first couple of months since her arrival. But nowadays, I’ve been delving deep into Youtube tutorials, guides, and vlogs on the subject to refresh my knowledge.

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Watercolour Tips for Beginners: What I Learned With Internet Research

We can all agree COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives and daily routines. After six months, I decided to look into my to-do list again to make my lockdown more bearable. I always wanted to learn how to use watercolours since I was very young, but I never got the time or energy to do it. But now the time has finally arrived. I fully dived into the internet, searching for information to learn and improve as much as I could. Now I feel like sharing the best tips and guidelines to start learning about this beautiful art technique.

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